Grow Your Spiritual Business

How to Build Your Business in the Internet Age by Cindy Griffith & Lisa K. PhD

Do you find yourself going to work, but your heart is not in it? 

Do you long to do something worthwhile with your life that helps others?

Do wish you could live your life’s purpose while making a difference?

Now is the best time to start and grow your own spiritual business. Never before has it been easier and faster to set up your own spiritual or holistic business so you can fulfill your dream of touching other’s lives in a positive way.

Even if you don’t know where to begin, the starting steps are easy.  Already have a business but need help? Learn how to fix any missteps, while re-energizing and accelerating your business growth. A strong and profitable business does not mean throwing out your spirituality. You just need to know the most effective steps to take, whether you are just starting or you already have a business.

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Grow Your Spiritual Business will be your step-by-step guide to start and grow your business quickly and effectively. You’ll find out how to:

  • Launch your spiritual business quickly and professionally
  • Get your spiritual business noticed so it captures attention and brings in customers
  • Remove your blocks and resistance to making money
  • Create and keep a stream of customers that will keep your cash flow going
  • Use spiritual marketing and the power of the Internet to reach more people

Lisa’s core spiritual marketing concept of “Attract, Resonate and Synergize” can grow your customer base and create a sustainable business stream through attracting the perfect customers who strongly resonate with your message and synergize with you to come back again and again. Spiritual marketing has the power and reach to elevate your business to a new level where you can grow your business effectively while maintaining your spiritual outlook.

With the power of the Internet you can now reach thousands of people who are specifically looking for your spiritual services and products, in an instant and more easily than ever before. The number of people worldwide with access to the Internet today is 2.8 Billion. You can now reach more of those potential customers around the world.

Cindy’s down to earth and practical, well-honed spiritual business acumen has led her to be an international success in her spiritual business. Her no-nonsense approach to business will break down the process in an easy hands-on non-technical way.

Both Lisa and Cindy come from traditional business backgrounds, which allow them to offer you practical, grounded advice without compromising the spiritual values that are important to your business.

Lisa has a strong 25+ year background in technology and marketing and sales, driving multi-millions of dollars in revenue for corporations internationally and now runs her own successful spiritual business as an author, speaker and seminar leader reaching thousands around the world online and in-person.

Cindy offers her 20+ years of experience in a spiritual business to balance the technical suggestions with some time trusted, more personal and less technical recommendations for those businesses who are not looking to embrace some of the newer advances.

Together they offer you a balanced approach to making your business a success without losing the spiritual focus found at the core of your business. As your business grows, you will continue to use the advice and tips you find in Grow Your Spiritual Business and it will be your ‘go to’ spiritual business guide for years to come.



 Grow Your Spiritual Business

Release Date: November 10th

Published by Findhorn Press




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